Hi my friends. You have not found this site by accident. You are seeking for something. Something deep within. Your soul is hungry for answers that the world is not able to give. Rest assured that answers exist for you and in asking “ye shall receive.” This blog site is an uncommon experience. Rather than provide answers it is intended to lead you to your own answers from within your soul and from the infinite. It is intended to raise deep questions that will spur soul searching quests leading to life understanding. Search on.  Be aware of my strong Christian founding and know that Christian belief will run deep within the content, not by way of proselytizing, but rather in sharing the magnificence of truth.

I will post periodic excerpts from my book, the Healing Process After Divorce, and offer discussion around key ideas and responses from readers. Sharing is welcome—your experiences of agony and ecstasy and learning and growth will provide a rich tapeatry within the format of this blog. Please feel free to both embrace and/or challenge my entries. New content will be added from time to time to keep discussion flowing. May this be a part of your inner healing a growth along your unique and amazing life’s journey. I invite you to share.

Initial thought for discussion from “The Healing Process After Divorce” p7 last paragraph:

“Are we not, each of us, like the blank piece of steel, without knowledge, experience, or power when we come into this world?  Has our Creator not formulated an intended purpose for our mission in life, a mission unique to each of us according to our ability and eternal destiny?  Must we not also be shaped, molded, tempered and tested through the excruciating coals of mortality in order to be capable and worthy of fulfilling our life’s mission?  Who are we to deny our trials and opportunities for growth?  The greater the heating, cooling, and tempering from the Refiner’s fire, the greater our opportunities for growth, and thus the greater our possibilities thereafter.  Shun not the refining process for it is the key to the real and eternal You.”

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