Healing Process After Divorce

This book is about my journey into and through the Refiner’s fire.  It is a story of how love can survive and win.  It is a story told through the eyes and hearts of singles whom I have met along the way and with whom I had the opportunity of drawing close after experiencing my own divorce in July of 1997.   They are stories of pain and sorrow, trials and tempering, and, most importantly, about growth, triumph, and joy.  Some of the stories are my own; some are of others’ trials and growth told with fictitious names.  There is no intent to reveal identities, only to learn and grow from each other’s experiences along the perplexing and painful–yet marvelous and wonderful–path of life.  The Refiner is ever with us, as long as we do not give up on Him.  He will not give up on us.  This I have come to know.  May you discover it and come to know of His refining love also!

Each chapter reveals a different kind of trial or pain, its inherent lessons and potential growth.  It is a journey I never expected to find myself on; neither had any of the singles I met along the way.  I discovered some incredible things that helped me and gave me understanding and direction.  I feel compelled to share that which I discovered.

About the Author:

After 24 years of marriage and five terrific kids, Bill experienced the devastating and heartbreaking tragedy of divorce in July of 1997. As a single parent, he struggled with the question, “Why should I go on, when all that I have lived for, my family, is seemingly lost?” Drawing from a lifetime of spiritual experiences, community service, a rewarding life in many countries around the world (he has lived in or traveled through 35 countries), and having learned from his doctoral program, Bill elucidates the reasons and motivation to live beyond tragedy. This book is about healing from the tragic effects of divorce or separation from a loved one, learning to forgive and rekindling the ability to love again. It holds the keys for helping those who have experienced the tragedy of divorce to reach deep within to discover the light, the motivation, and the will to carry on, and to climb to new heights even more attainable as a result of personal tragedies.

This work is a must for anyone in the throes of tragedy; particularly separation from a spouse or in any of the painful stages of divorce, this book provides the tools to find the will to go on and the power to choose your destiny. Once you have read it, you will never be the same!

William K. Bach, Jr. (Bill), is a faithful husband, a caring father, and involved in service organizations in his community. He is the father of five children. He has a Ph.D. in Adult Education and works for a leading institution of higher education.