Is It By Chance?

Man’s search for truth can be quite elusive during our journey through life. There are, however, evidences along the way that can help us know we are on the right track. This book is intended to help connect some of those dots of evidence.

May the prophesies of the Messiah and the actual historical events help inspire a more powerful knowledge of and closer relationship with Christ. This relationship is the single most important factor to our successful journey home.

Healing Process After Divorce

This book is about healing from the tragic effects of divorce or separation from a loved one, learning to forgive and rekindling the ability to love again. It holds the keys for helping those who have experienced the tragedy of divorce to reach deep within to discover the light, the motivation, and the will to carry on, and to climb to new heights even more attainable as a result of personal tragedies.

This work is a must for anyone in the throes of tragedy, particularly separation from a spouse or in any of the painful stages of divorce, this book provides the tools to find the will to go on, and the power to choose your destiny. Once you have read it, you will never be the same!