Hi, you found me. I do not know why you are here, but you are Welcome Here!

It is not by accident that souls come into communication with one another along life’s journey.

I am about “emotional healing,” the kind of healing that allows one to get over life’s heavy trials and move on. It’s mostly about discovering self, again, and remembering who you really are. Then you will be off again onto the next adventure life has in store for you. I say in store for you, not because you are to wait around for what happens next.  Never do that! Take life by its promise, that it will reveal to you all that it has, but only as you are ready and seek for it. It’s about being pro-active in every aspect of living and being, the universe and the Spirit will take over from there. Hang on — for the experience will be exhilarating indeed.

I am a not-so-old young guy, or a not-so-young experienced guy who lives and loves to the fullest extent. I was born in Berkeley, went to kindergarten and first grade in Beirut, Lebanon, raised in a magical LDS home in a suburb of Washington D.C., experienced a boarding school high school life in Ankara, Turkey, hob knobbed around the Middle East and Far East, hitchhiked through Europe, (yes on $5 a day) in the 60’s, attended college in Glendale, California, Provo Utah, and Syracuse, NY. Served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Worked for a NY Bank, made international loans in Central America, the Caribbean, and north shore of South America, lived two years in Guatemala, six months in Panama, (all together traveled through or lived in 35 countries).  Settled in Boise, Idaho to raise my family and have made it my home for 32 years.

During this precious time in Idaho, I experienced financial disaster three times, was fired or laid off twice, divorced, experienced personal disappointment, and loss of health. From these emotional experiences, I discovered: renewal, self, God, love, family, time and energy, strength, the Spirit, inspiration, personal fortitude, my gifts, and the amazing universe of possibilities. I earned a Ph.D, ran a University Campus as its Director, trained in three levels of Neuro Linguistic Programming , wrote a book, delivered public speaking to hundreds, even thousands of people audiences, taught university courses, launched a number of small businesses, changed careers three times, explored the wilds of Idaho, and served in the LDS Church and its Temple. In short, my life is barely half over and the best half is yet to come. This is where you come in.

Whatever your disappointments are in life, know that they are for your good — that you can and will grow through them. The purpose of life is growth. That is what you came here to do. (Quote from Healing Process about because from them I will—) let me help you on your journey. Let your encounter here be but a stepping stone to get you to the next step, on more solid ground with more sure footing as you journey on. May God bless you with discovery. I know that He will, as you are not here by accident.